Thursday, June 25, 2009

Big Name Insurance and Disability

Insurance and disability are two things that are commonly used or spoken together. Since my official on set of disability I have had a continual journey with my Big Name Insurance. I was forced by the insurance company to take on medicare part b and others part unbeknown to me. I disclosed to my husband's company,upon receipt of a letter from HR regarding my personal insurance and or any other coverage. This letter was forward to me during open enrollment Therefore, I did disclose that I have been offered the right to be covered under medicare. I was advised by the big name Insurance company and my husband's employer, that medicare must be my primary and not my husband's coverage. Although, my husband was a full time employee and had been for 12 years under the employee, who the Big name Insurance was the carrier.

When I challenged the Big Name Insurance I was told to check the Company's website and polices. The employee rep for the HR Department for the Company, also advised me that if I am offerred any type of coverage on my own, that carrier will have to be my primary carrier, according to the company's polices. She than directed me to the site and the language for secondary coverage. Therefore, the Big Name Insurance would challenge any an all other future claims unless I enroll in a Medicare plan. Of course, based on the threat to not pay my claims, I reluctantly enrolled in medicare and paid $96.00 a month for a year and a half and contuined my husband's policy, as secondary.

I later found out that the Big Name Insurance, was according to law my primary coverage , because my husband was a full time employee. I am currently seeking reimbusement
for obtaining secondary coverage and unnecessary co pays.

What are your thoughts and opinion on Big name Insurance and unethical polices? Enough is enough.



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