Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am Back

Hello My Lupus Friends:

I have been missing in action and unable to blog, but now things are changing and all is well, and I will continue blogging from this day forward now and forever more.
My health is good and in my absence, I even travelled to African last Fall. It was a life changing experience. Even my Lupus did not prevent my traveling. The flight, food and sights were beyond what I could have even image. Travelling is the best education that anyCheck Spellingone could have. If travelling is not fesible due to your finance or health at this time, please read about any place you would like to travel and go, as you read image being there. Just use your thoughts and imagination to place you in a place that is beyond. Sickness cannot keep you from using your mind and thoughts to focus and travel. Reading can take you to place that educates your mind.

Word of day, open a book and let your mind travel.


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