Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Carpenter Bee

Today I fought with a Carpenter Bee for two hours. I know that was silly but he would not allow me the time to read and sit on my front porch without him buzzing. After many rounds of spraying, hitting and many attempts to plug the hold in my wooden porch. I finally did the reasonable thing. My research on Carpenter bees and found that they can be harmful to your home and destroy the frame of your house. If the nest is left untreated it will cause structural damage. The female drills holes on the outside which maybe 5 inches to 3ft, which she deposits her eggs.

I did what every other housewife would do I called the exterminator and my husband. Both claim that there is not too much they could do, but plug the whole. I will be visting my local hardware store for help. When all else fails do as we women always do get the job done. I have not won the battle of the bees yet, but I will win the war and recover what's rightful mines. My porch.

Good health and rest, enjoy your day. Read a book today!



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