Thursday, July 31, 2008

I saw the Rain

I missed a couple days posting, but all is well. What a difference a day or maybe two has maded. I am up and out and people are still all about. I did pump my own gas today and was able to pay, lift the nozzle and drive a stick, because I was not SICK.

I actually got out and walk through the rain and I had no pain. What a combination rain and NO pain. Life is good just as it should. Even if I walk, talk or ride, I realize that I have got a lot on my side, because I am not on my backside.

My beloves,

I wish you well

The Speaker

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Day of love

I got up this morning which makes this a new day. I am happy and I smile with great joy. My muscles did move, although slowly but it moved. My hands could move and allow me to spread a little cream to my arms. It armed me with protection from the sun. A sun that is bright and gives my plants much light. I am thankful that I can lift my water pitcher and pour my own H2O onto my fresh green bundles of joy which is my plants. It is a simple but sweet gesture to my soul and my smiling plants. It is the WATERING OF LIFE that brings me joy, THEREFORE I AM NOT FOCUS ON BATTLE THAT I fought through the night.
I keep my eyes on my plants and they look so out of sight, So I look forward to a new night.