Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Day

Hello Fellow Lupus Patients and Friends:

I travelled an hour and 15 minutes to see my favor, doctor. She is wonderful. She is my primary physican for my Lupus. I waited 2 hours and 20 minutes to see her smiling face. It was well worth it because she spent at least and hour with me and answered every question. She is very informative.

I have dealt with a list of quack doctors during my journey with lupus; so if it takes waiting, I will wait to see a Doctor who will call you back and attend to your needs. I will wait until the hogs come home. I am thankful for her knowledge and bedside manners. She is awesome.

How is your doc?

The Speaker

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Disability and work

Hello Fellow Lupus Friend:

Working with Lupus and disability can be rewarding, if your employer works with you and understands your limitations. I find that the employers' want to follow the law, but they figure out ways to go round the law. I am also finding that there are employers' and supervisors' who express their concerns about their disable employee's health , but their concerns have proved to not be sincere. Frankly, at least 50 percent of employers' really want someone who can work more hours and do more in this day and time; therefore causing injustice treatment of people with disability and cutting them out of the loop by cutting their hours if they cannot work increasing hours or limiting their duties.

This may not apply to those who attempt to work with disable workers, but I have experience the above and more. Please tell me your story.