Friday, April 23, 2010


Believe that you are well and trust God. God has given us the power and the anointing to be heal and to rest in his healing. I just recently read a great word regarding healing. It was article from Andrew Wommack Ministries, entitled "God Wants you Well". It discusses the different between believing God can heal and believing God wants to heal every person. The just of the article is when you pray it becomes a prayer of faith. You must Known that you Know that Jesus healed us all. When you pray believe you are healed not when you see it manifest.

Mark 11: 24
"What things soever ye desire, when ye pray , believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them"

Keep the Faith and be healed. To God Be the Glory!

The Speaker

Sunday, April 18, 2010

God and healing

Today was a beautiful day. I spent time with God my Lord and Savior as I do everyday, talking with him. I listened to a beautiful song of praise by Grace William " The Anointing", such beautiful words it ministered to my soul. Listen to this song, read the word of God and speak in tongues and believe Gods word and you shall be healed.

Remember God is love and he sent his son so that we can have an everlasting relationship with him on earth. Spend time with him and enjoy the precious life he has given us.
To God be the Glory

Friday, April 16, 2010


My little niece turned eighteen today and is in good health, good grades and loves the Lord. I am happy to see that she is coming into her own. I wish her all the blessing of God and good health.
When I was sick she was so afraid of me and the way I looked when battling lupus. But now, I am healthy and she is a beautiful young lady. All is well and God is good. Happy Birth to my cake.

The Speaker

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Event Planning

I planned several events during the course of the year the biggest being my birthday party for about 100 people. This adventure was challenging to say the least, I wanted to handle all the details myself, which proved to be a major problem. Never allow your personal goal to conflict with common sense, I felt if I used a Hotel to hang the food and location I thought I could do the rest. I was so stressed by the little details until it was ridicules. I did find a party planner who was reasonable and good which I will use in the near future. I will be planning other events soon and will let COMMON SENSE RULE.

Good event planner are great along with long term planning. Let the main thang be the main thang in Life: God, Family and Balance. Seek him first!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Carpenter Bee

Today I fought with a Carpenter Bee for two hours. I know that was silly but he would not allow me the time to read and sit on my front porch without him buzzing. After many rounds of spraying, hitting and many attempts to plug the hold in my wooden porch. I finally did the reasonable thing. My research on Carpenter bees and found that they can be harmful to your home and destroy the frame of your house. If the nest is left untreated it will cause structural damage. The female drills holes on the outside which maybe 5 inches to 3ft, which she deposits her eggs.

I did what every other housewife would do I called the exterminator and my husband. Both claim that there is not too much they could do, but plug the whole. I will be visting my local hardware store for help. When all else fails do as we women always do get the job done. I have not won the battle of the bees yet, but I will win the war and recover what's rightful mines. My porch.

Good health and rest, enjoy your day. Read a book today!



I listen to the birds today and noticed the harmony of their song. It sounded so peaceful and full, I opened my door and I actually saw them flying fancy and free. My thoughts were : are we free and do we flow through life as peaceful as birds.

I came away from that moment realizing that we are not as free as a bird, but more liked caged bird wanting to be free. Take a moment and listen to God and let his presence be heard.

Are you listening and or you free.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday and Friends

I called a dear friend of forty years to today and shared some time about family. I was able to catch up.

Have you talked to a life long friend today or shared a moment or cup of coffee with friends? Remember they are a valuable gifts. Good friends are hard to find, show yourself friendly and keep a good friend. Friends can be medicine for sick, a listening ear for the lonely and a board bouncer for a problem.

Who is your best friend? Please share and post a special moment with friends

Waiting to hear !

The Speaker

The Speaker

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am Back

I have not been posting because of others projects and graduate school. So I decided to take a moment and catch up with all of my friends. I wanted to share about balance and giving in life it is so important to a long life. As I grow older I am learning to keep a balance between family, friends and school and share the love. I have reached the turning point and turned 50 and loving the wisdom that God has given me. Life is good.

Remember to live your life and do not let life live you. I have celebrated with a birthday party with a cause and raised over $2,000.00 for the Lupus Foundation it was a great party. My friends came out in full force from all over and honored my wishes to give a donation in lieu of a gift.

God, giving and laughter is food for the soul. Remember you can make a difference. If you have done an act of kindness, please share your thoughts and your act of love.

Wating to hear from you!

The Speaker